Any tips on how to whiten black underams, elbo…

Any tips on how to whiten black underams, elbows and knees? Thanks in advance!

So for both, exfoliation will help. For the underarms I recommend using something a little more gentle (baking soda, sugar, a washcloth) and for the elbows and knees you can use things that are a little on the stronger side (like salt, dry coffee grounds, or body scrubs).

As far as lightening for the underarms try doing a honey wash a couple times a week (use raw organic honey, massage in like a cleanser then rinse with warm water), and try to moisturize every night (aloe is great for that!)

For the knees and elbows you can moisturizer with a heavier cream, and it might sound weird but make sure you put sunscreen on your knees and elbows so they don’t continue to darken!

Just making sure each area is clean, well exfoliated, moisturized, and protected from the sun, and you should see results within a couple of weeks!