Highlighter has overtaken globally! And brands are trying to out-do one another by coming up with the next best blinder. But have Cover | FX gone too far with these Glitter Drops

It really is fine particles of glitter that set on the skin surrounded by a beautiful hue of your chosen shade, and there are 3 to choose from; 
Mirage – Golden champagne glitter (pictured right)
Aurora – Multi-tonal pink glitter (pictured left)
Lunar – Multi-coloured pastel glitter (pretty to look at but should never been worn on the face, unless you’re a unicorn) 

I took some pictures of the glitter drops sitting on the skin in a thick drip to really capture the beauty of this product. Once it’s blended in though it’s not quite as striking, and when you wipe over it to remove the glitter it lifts up creating a mass spread if the tiny reflective particles – nightmare!!! 

To be honest, I’m not a massive fan of highlighter on myself, I have slightly textured skin which is a no-go for highlighter. I’m also in my early 30′s and I’m starting to see subtle fine lines which is only enhanced when highlight sits on top.
Cream highlighters are definitely more forgiving for textured or mature skin. Frosted highlight should only be worn by 20 year olds who have glass-like smooth complexions. Most of what you see on Instagram has been photo-shopped and is not a true representation of reality, so don’t be fooled or envious of those you follow. It’s VERY likely that in the flesh you would see a distinct difference between their images and reality. 
So, sadly for me this product only really works for the tiny amount of the population who have perfect skin! It really is beautiful, and if you love a beaming highlight you may disagree and love them.  

For £35.00 GBP each I think they’re way over-priced for the results. 

I’d love to know your thoughts if you’ve tried these out, what was your experience like?